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Sure, we're all excited that summer's more or less here, but the really fantastic summer fruits and vegetables have yet to hit the markets. There are strawberries now, but they'll taste better later.

With that in mind, it's worth remembering that there's plenty of gorgeous spring around, and if you're still hungering for asparagus, morels, peas, and favas, Manzo at Eataly is still running its spring tasting menu with a heavy focus on seasonal produce for a few more weeks. Chef Fitz Tallon gave us a look at the seven course, $125 menu, which pairs pork belly with peas and carrots, snapper crudo with pickled ramps and Meyer lemon, and ribeye with morels and favas. Wine pairings for each course are an additional $60; they're all Italian, of course, with bottles from Emilia-Romagna, Sicily, and several from Piemonte (of the Piemontese variety of beef that Manzo uses on its menu).

Ribeye Cap with Morels, Fava Beans, & Bone Marrow Marmellata

Ribeye cap with morels, fava beans, and bone marrow marmellata.

Though Manzo is mainly Eataly's beef-centric restaurant, there's only one beef course on this menu. The rest are all about pairing Eataly's proteins to spring vegetables that are still plentiful.

Many of the ingredients come right from the market at Eataly. Chef Tallon works with the market managers to use the store's new products in his dishes. It's not just just about cross-promotion: "We try to use ingredients that we have here—you can't find a lot of them elsewhere."

Lobster with Risotto & Leeks

Lobster with risotto and leeks.

Take a look at the full tasting menu in the slideshow. If you're planning to visit, do so soon. Manzo will roll out their summer tasting menu in a few weeks, as well as an additional smaller Sicilian-themed menu.


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