[Photograph: Betsy's Buns]

Betsy Baudille started her candy company, Betsy's Buns, in 1996 as a way, she says, of supporting her "beach habit." From September to June when her kids were in school, she'd make an assortment of candies to sell at local shops in Bay Ridge. Then the family would spend the summer "out at Breezy Point in the Rockaways, in a cabana."

But last year, having noticed the rise of small, local food companies, Baudille paid a visit to Bedford Cheese Shop. "It was exactly the kind of place I wanted to be selling," she explains, and soon she was on the shelves there and other gourmet food shops like Blue Apron and recently-opened Sugarshop.

While she makes a variety of chocolates, including seasonal specialties like the solid Easter bunnies after which she named her company, her signature products are the butter crunch, salted caramels, and peanut butter cups made with "straight old Skippy peanut butter" in milk or dark chocolate. "Anything that I can make from scratch, I do, like the caramel," she says, describing the latter as a "labor of love."

Baudille will be on hand this week for the opening of Bedford Cheese Shop's new location on Irving Place. For more information or a full list of vendors, visit her website.

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