It's late afternoon and dinner is a few hours away. Where do you get a quick bite to carry you through the day? Afternoon Snack looks at quick bites to tide you over without spoiling dinner. Got a snack we should check out? Let us know. —The Mgmt.


[Photograph: Dave Katz]

For something with "twisted" baked right into the name, these little Twisted Risotto Balls ($4 for 5) from HBH Sandwiches are pretty straightforward. They're less greasy than you might expect, with an impressively crunchy crust. Though the interiors were nicely creamy, we would have appreciated more cheese flavor. But the mildness of these balls themselves makes them ideal for dipping in the lemony, spicy, and creamy sauce. A fried, starchy snack with a creamy, tangy sauce: what's not to like?

HBH Gourmet Sandwiches

407 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY 11231 (map)

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