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[Photograph: Jessie Pascoe]

Nom Wah Tea Parlor might be the oldest dim sum parlor in New York, but its latest manager Wilson Tang has proven adept at championing its history through modern social media. That's how we found out about their fried dim sum sampler ($9.95), a tantalizing platter guaranteed to make any fried food lover drool.

The dish features eight pieces, combining the usual suspects (think fried spring rolls, fried pork dumplings) with fried shrimp and bacon rolls, fried shrimp with bean curd skin and fried sesame rolls. Each has its own unique texture, and there are several dipping sauces to try. Just make sure to end on the sesame ball: the sweet lotus paste filling makes for a particularly pleasant last bite.

A tip: Ordered for one person, this dish is fried overkill. Share it with dim sum lovers for a chance to indulge in some grease without too much guilt.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

13 Doyers Street, New York, NY 10013 (map)

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