Slideshow SLIDESHOW: How to Make Ricotta, With Chef Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen at the New York Culinary Experience

"This is my idea of perfect brunch food," said Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen at the New York Culinary Experience on Saturday. (Well, until he got to the next dish he taught us to make, which was "perfect brunch food" too.) But I can get on board with the enthusiasm.

Many of the standout dishes at the Union Square restaurant are simple, ingredient-driven creations; the carrot salad (how can roasted carrots taste that good?) or raw fish preparations come to mind. But the baked eggs with tomato and ricotta he taught a small class to make fit right into that model, too. The fine-curd, creamy ricotta comes together in minutes with little more than milk, cream, and lemon juice. The tomato sauce cooks up in minutes, garlic and onions cooked slowly in olive oil, canned tomatoes added for a hard simmer at the end. Add a few eggs, stick in the oven, and brunch is pretty much finished. And, in signature ABC Kitchen style, a heavy hand of herbs and chilies finish it off.

Take a look through the slideshow above for step-by-step instructions, and tons of tips on ways to make a simple dish pretty fabulous.

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Dan Kluger's Homemade Ricotta with Baked Eggs and Tomato Sauce ยป


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