[Photograph: Kathy YL Chan]

A good coconut cake is one of my major weaknesses. The one from Bathalazar is particularly elegant, showcasing three vanilla cake layers, moist with loose crumbs and paired with classic pastry cream. It's finished with large shards of extra meaty coconut flakes, toasted the lightest shade of brown. The cake at Donatella is served in individual rounds, alternating layers of feather-soft coconut cake and whipped coconut mousse paired with seasonal fruits.

And then there's Kin Shop, which offers the lightest coconut cake in town. It goes by the name Coconut Cream Cake, and $9 buys you an enormous slab that goes down dangerously easy. Accented with a slight hand of kaffir lime syrup, the cake is only faintly sweet. The cream filling is light as air and the cake itself is more akin to chiffon than a typical vanilla cake.

Kin Shop

469 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10011 (map)

About the author: Originally from Honolulu, Kathy YL Chan blogs at Kathy YL Chan, where she chronicles her eats and travel adventures between Hawai'i, New York and beyond. She firmly believes that there is always room for dessert.


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