[Photograph: Proyecto Paladar]

It's not often that art exhibits have really great food, but this looks like an exception. Proyecto Paladar is an international traveling art installation based on cultural exchange. The exhibit—part installation, part performance art—begins in May, but this Tuesday the curators will be hosting a fundraising event the Hudson Terrace from 7 to 9. It'll feature Cuban-inspired food from Sara Jenkins, Marco Canora, Mark Ladner, Sisha Ortúzar,Tamara Reynolds, Pierre Thiam, and Sue Torres. There will also be cocktails aplenty, from Cuba Libres and mojitos to less well-known rum- and coffee-based drinks.

Head on over to their event website and reserve a ticket— they're flying fast. If you do go, look for Kenji and me. We'll be there eating what promises to be seriously delicious food and drinking a Mojito or two.

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