Brisket at David's Brisket House: An eponymous sandwich for the books. [Photograph: James Boo]

Good brisket is hard to come by, but the slow-cooked meat at newly re-opened David's Brisket House does right by its namesake. The brisket is an ode to delectable texture, freshly carved slices running with jus at every bite. The meat is minimally seasoned, so ask for yours with gravy, and add plenty of salt and pepper to really get the juices flowing. While David's pastrami packs a powerful punch in a small serving, this is one sandwich you'll want to pile high; a "regular" serving (nearly twice the size of the sandwich pictured) will only set you back $9.

David's Brisket House

533 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11216 (map)
(Doors closed Fri, noon-2pm, for prayer service)


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