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"There's definitely an uptown/downtown traffic problem," Chris Bradley says with a hearty chuckle when I ask him if many of his old regulars from Gramercy Tavern followed him northward when he became the executive chef at Danny Meyer's Untitled at the Whitney Museum. The restaurant opened last March, initially serving just breakfast and lunch, and months later offering a family-style, fixed-price dinner on the weekends. Now Chef Bradley has introduced an à la carte menu with about twenty different options, not counting the sweets.

Six appetizers, six main courses and a handful each of sandwiches and sides make up the current roster here on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Gentle price tags belie the posh extravagance of this stretch of Madison Avenue. The cooking is precise but not fussy. A steak's doneness is ensured by the grill man's watchful eye, not an immersion circulator. Plenty of sauces but an absence of foams.

Bradley's sourcing is thoughtful, and his technique, studied. He gets his cod from Norway and his pickles from Brooklyn—because both, he tells me, are the best he's ever tasted. And his roots? Well, those are from North Carolina. And he's brought some of the comfort food from his youth with him to this big city museum. So if you want to take in some pot pie and a few paintings, this is your place.

Check out the slide show above to see whet Chef Bradley is dishing out these days at the Whitney.

Untitled at the Whitney

945 Madison Avenue, New York NY 10021 (map)

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