Editor's Note: Once upon a time, we had a fun little column called TGI Fry-Day, tipping you off to awesome fried things all over the city. Now we're bringing it back! Please welcome Jessie Pascoe, who will kick off the resurrection of TGI Fry-Day with quite a doozy: fried cheese.

Jessie Pascoe Fried Cheese Photo(2).jpg

[Photo: Carl Wedoff]

There is comfort food and than there is comfort food, like Korzo's Buttermilk-Crusted Fried Edam Cheese ($11.50). South Slope's Korzo takes on the popular Slovak dish (known there as vyprážaný syr) with a buttermilk crust for an oozy-gooey piece of Edam. The buttermilk breading provides a light, crunchy crust, which saves the slab from being too greasy--and enabled us to finish the dish without feeling like we chugged a liter of canola oil. But just before you think this whole meal could be consumed on a regular basis, think again: the edam is served on top of a bed of French fries and roasted potato slices with dips of house-made tartar sauce and lingonberry jelly. Best to reserve this meal for blustery, cold nights (or when your true fry fiend strikes).


667 5th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (map)

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