Editor's note: All over the Serious Eats sites, we've been chatting with all our lovely columnists, helping you get to know the folks behind the articles you read every day. Here's Lauren Sloss, who covers sandwiches, restaurant openings, and much more in both San Francisco and New York.


[Photo: Alice Gao]

Name: Lauren Sloss      
Location: Brooklyn/San Francisco  
Occupation: Food and music writer
Website/Twitter: @laurensloss

What do you write about on Serious Eats and why is that of particular interest? In New York, I cover some of the staples—vegetables, sandwiches, cocktails. In San Francisco, I cover a much wider territory, rounding up sweets, tracking down pizza, and making a point to know just about everything that's opening, closing, or transforming. I've always watched the New York food scene from afar so a chance to explore it has been great. As for San Francisco, it's my home turf. It's where I developed my love of food, and I take great joy in continuing to explore everything it has to offer.

What are your guilty pleasures, foodwise? Cheese. The funkier the better. I can be full—stuffed!—and if there's a wedge of cheese and a knife in front of me, I'll take it down in no time.

Describe your perfect meal. A fresh, crusty baguette or pain de campagne. Some really good cured meats, and a little pate. Fresh summer tomatoes, lightly tossed with olive oil, basil, and salt. A good light red wine, or a good sour beer. And cheese, of course.

Where are you a "regular"? Why there? In New York, I like to frequent spots in my neighborhood—The Vanderbilt, Miriam, Bierkraft, Bklyn Larder. Spuyten Duyvil in Williamsburg is my favorite place to get a drink, especially when we bring over a pickled vegetable pie from Best Pizza down the street. In San Francisco—Nopa , particularly when I lived down the block; Toronado and Rosamunde (the original one) for beer and sausage; The Sentinel and Molinari for sandwiches; and 15 Romolo for cocktails. I would be a regular at Tartine if I could handle the line!

What food won't you eat? Bananas. I've had a rocky relationship with fruit over the years, and long professed to hate it all (except apples and watermelon). I've come around to a lot more lately—blueberries, mangos, grapes—but everything about bananas still grosses me out.

 What do your family and friends think of your food obsessions? I was raised to appreciate good food, so my parents are pleased that I took their influence seriously. I like to think that I surround myself with people who understand and appreciate the finer things in life (read: good food and drink), so my friends are generally on board. Especially when I'm doing, say, a cupcake round up, and need tasting help.

 Everyone has a go-to person they call for restaurant recommendations. Who's yours?  In New York, Carey Jones, of course. I've gotten lazy here—why even try when you can ask the very knowledgable city editor where to go? In San Francisco, I've kind of become the one people call—even after I moved.

And what's the best recommendation they've given you? Kin Shop. I dream of those curries. And I am forever grateful that my parents took me to the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco when I was young, forever instilling a love of old school, seriously good red meat.

Let's say you're moving out of New York. What would you eat and drink on your last day here? Well (sniff), I actually will be leaving New York... and I'm scrambling to put together a bucket list. I need to make it to Roberta's and Motorino, and Momofuku of some form. As for my last day? Some New York-style pizza probably has to find its way in there, maybe a good bagel too. I'll definitely have a sandwich from Bierkraft with me on the plane, though.


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