Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Vegetable Heroes: Craft

[Photos: Christine Tsai]

When talking about Vegetable Heroes in this city, it's hard to ignore Craft. The single-ingredient-centric, simply prepared fare includes a vegetable section on the menu as long, or longer, than most of the other categories.

And that's just in the winter. Chef de Cuisine Christopher Lavey noted that in the spring and summer, the vegetable column of the menu grows even longer. But we're in no rush, considering the consistently delicious, winter-ready dishes featured now.

From slow-braised kale to bacon-laced brussels sprouts, vegetable dishes at Craft have the flavor of the familiar and comfortable, but are simultaneously elevated by the quality of ingredients and attention to preparation.

Check out a few of the season's offerings in the slideshow above.


43 East 19th Street, New York NY 10003 (map)

About the author: Lauren Sloss is a bicoastal food-lover who splits her time between New York (where she is finishing graduate school) and San Francisco (where she does most other things). Some of her favorite things include The Black Keys, goat gouda, and guacamole. You can follow her on Twitter @laurensloss.


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