[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

After eating my way through the bulk of the pastry and dessert case at Petrossian, I've come to a fairly simple conclusion. Nearly everything here is good, if not great. They have my favorite fruit tarts in the city and a killer pistachio croissant, along with excellent canel├ęs. While you're here add this Pistachio-Chocolate Mousse ($7.50) to your must-purchase list. It's a teardrop-shaped creation, equal parts milk chocolate mousse and pistachio mousse. Both elements are light, almost airy, with bold flavors, together finished in a sprinkle of ground toasted pistachio nuts. Equally appropriate at the dinner table or wolfed down right outside the shop.


182 West 58th Street, New York NY 10019 (map)

About the author: Originally from Honolulu, Kathy YL Chan blogs at Kathy YL Chan, where she chronicles her eats and travels adventures between Hawai'i, New York and beyond. She firmly believes that there is always room for dessert.

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