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La Maison du Chocolat's famed Eclair Marron ($7.50) shows up every winter, from December until the end of Feburary. Their pâte à choux is as good as it gets, light though rich in butter, piped thin, true to the chocolate shop's elegant style. Inside, pastry cream whipped with fresh chestnut puree until it's voluptuous and smooth in texture. All you taste is chestnut coming in full speed; one eclair is bound to keep you longing for another. As for the rest of the year? Be content indulging in a trio of eclair flavors, including chocolate with a chocolate fondant top, coffee, and of course caramel. The caramel is scented with just a touch of vanilla beans, a subtle layer of flavor that continues to linger after that last bite.

La Maison du Chocolat

Multiple locations in NYC

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