Editor's note: All over the Serious Eats sites, we've been chatting with all our lovely columnists, helping you get to know the folks behind the articles you read every day. Here's Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler, who write Date Night.


Name: Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler
Location: New York, NY
Occupation: Business writer (her), test developer (him)
Website/Twitter: We Heart New York, @weheartnewyork

What do you write about on Serious Eats: New York, and why is that of particular interest?We write the weekly Date Night column for Serious Eats: New York. Since we've been a couple for ten years, we know that there are as many kinds of dates as there are restaurants. In our column, we're not necessarily interested in finding the most romantic places, but rather in asking, 'What's it like for serious eaters to go on a date here?'

What are your guilty pleasures, foodwise?Jelly Belly jelly beans, frozen peanut M&Ms and Reese's Pieces.

Describe your perfect meal.Any one we don't have to cook ourselves. Unlike a lot of food-obsessed folks, we're not interested in or very good at cooking. So we'd rather go out. That said, for us a perfect meal is one that is so utterly encompassing--thanks to the food, the conversation, the moment--that the rest of the world falls away. This sensation can happen in the unlikeliest of places, like Bareburger on Christmas Eve. (Yep, true story.)

Where in New York are you a "regular"? Why there?Chennai Garden, where they start preparing our South Indian and Gujarati thalis as soon as we walk in the door. While we didn't literally cry when it closed, we did literally jump up and down in the street when we walked past recently and saw that it had reopened. And now it's pink!

What food won't you eat? Runny eggs, other primates.

What do your family and friends think of your food obsessions? Our parents get a kick out of our blog and column, considering we spent the 1980s and '90s eating mostly Lucky Charms and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Everyone has a go-to person they call for restaurant recommendations. Who's yours? Howard Walfish, who writes the Vegetarian Option for SE:NY. We look to him especially for Brooklyn recommendations.

And what's the best recommendation they've given you? We'll be eternally grateful to Howard for introducing us to Paulie Gee's and the charming Paulie Gee himself.

Say you're moving out of New York. What would you eat and drink on your last day here? Can you eat heartbreak? If we were leaving, we'd pick a restaurant that feels particularly New York, particularly now. And for us, in early 2012, that would be Do or Dine.


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