Editor's note: All over the Serious Eats sites, we've been chatting with all our lovely columnists, helping you get to know the folks behind the articles you read every day. Here's Donny Tsang, who takes "Behind the Scenes" photos at bakeries, dim sum parlors, food trucks, and more.


Name: Donny Tsang
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Freelance Photographer
Website/Twitter: ultrateg.com, eattoblog.com, @ultrateg

What do you write about on Serious Eats: New York, and why is that of particular interest? I write and take photos for "Behind the Scenes". I have always thought of food as just than more a dish you eat. There's also the hours of prep work and the talent and imagination of the chef that go into a dish. I even started my own photography project, called Foodaissance, to capture images in kitchens.

What are your guilty pleasures, foodwise? Jalapeno Cheetos—I can eat a small bag just for lunch—and Kewpie the Japanese mayo.

Describe your perfect meal. I'm a fan of casual places (I hate wearing ties and being formal) where my friends and I can just enjoy a good meal, good laughs, good conversations and good companies.

Where in New York are you a "regular"? Why there? For the past 3 years, I've been going to One Girl Cookies for my morning cup of coffee and late afternoon sugar treats. I've gotten to know the owners, Dave and Dawn, and few of the workers. They always welcome me with a smile and we would chat a bit about our day.

What food won't you eat? I'm a little weird. I'll eat pretty much anything but it really depends on how it is cooked. I don't like plain tofu or eggplant but I love kimchi tofu stew or fried eggplant.

What do your family and friends think of your food obsessions? They love it! Whenever I'm home in L.A., I do most of the cooking for the family. Running on east coast time, I would wake up 6am to make biscuits and coffee. Also both my sisters are as crazy about food as I am.

Everyone has a go-to person they call for restaurant recommendations. Who's yours? I don't really have a go-to person but few go-to websites. I check tips on Foursquare, reviews on Serious Eats and tweets on Twitter.

And what's the best recommendation they've given you? Coppelia! Everyone needs to try their Creamy Cuban Coffee Braised Oxtail with Cotija Cheese and Fettuccine.

You're moving out of New York. What do you eat and drink on your last day here? I'm going to start the day off with a Baked Salmon Salad on a toasted bagel at Shelsky's. Then grab a quick drink at my favorite bar, 61 Local. For lunch I'll eat a pizza or two at Roberta's. After a quick nap, I'll hop over to Coppelia for their Creamy Cuban Coffee Braised Oxtail with Cotija Cheese and Fettuccine. Then it's an epic dinner at Allswell followed by frozen zombie drinks at Zombie Hut.


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