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Longtime friends Przemek Adolf and Monika Luczak started Saucy by Nature as a way to focus on bringing local, seasonal products to market in a way that lets them work with a huge variety of flavors. Their sauces run the gamut from sweet to savory and are inspired by a wide range of culinary traditions.

Monika says, "It's all flavors that we love to eat and based on traveling we're done. We're really curious about what people eat and we use local ingredients to translate those flavors." Their fall products, like the Spicy Pumpkin Ginger sauce and Tomato Apple Chutney, were based on flavor profiles found in southeast Asia, but for winter, they're moving a bit closer to home. "We're both Polish," says Przemek. "These are our comfort foods." He adds that the "Polish palate likes a lot of sour," which they've reflected in the new products.

The winter line-up of sauces includes Roasted Beet with Horseradish, which Przemek says is good with goat cheese and for which they're developing a recipe for risotto; Cider-Braised Onion, which they say works for roasts, pizza and frittatas; and a third sauce they're calling Polish Kimchee, a spicy, vegan concoction of sauerkraut, mushrooms and prunes that they recommend stuffing into dumplings, putting on top of sausage, or stewing things in.

When they're concocting new sauces, Przemek says, they consider what ingredients people love to cook with, which is one reason they work so hard at developing recipes for using their products in other dishes. While "it's easy to put the sauces on stuff," he says, he and Monika "want to get people into their kitchens." To that end, they're sponsoring a contest for original recipes using one or more of their sauces. The winner gets a Locally Grown gift set from new-on-the-block purveyors With Love From Brooklyn.

"Seeing people get excited really feeds us," Monika says. "We're just loving this so much."

The winter sauces will be available on January 20 through their online shop or at the retailers listed on their site.

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