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[Photo: Maggie Hoffman]

It's pretty telling of Malaysian cuisine that "Shrimp With Lady Fingers" ($10.50) at Nyonya is listed under the "vegetable" section of the menu; shrimp is pretty much a guaranteed ingredient in most Malaysian vegetable dishes. But a vegetable dish it is indeed. It's the okra, or "lady fingers" as they're called, that takes center stage. The half-inch cuts are firm but not tough and not slimy in the least; they're stir-fired with belachan, fermented shrimp paste, and a bit of chili for heat. The few plump shrimp are properly cooked, but really secondary to the huge pile of slightly funk-ified okra, salty and plentiful and easy to devour.


199 Grand St, New York NY 10013 (map)

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