Daily Veg: Broccoli with a Soft-Boiled Egg and Stracciatella from Brucie

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[Photograph: Andrew Strenio]

When's the last time you were really, really wowed by a plate of broccoli? Much of the wow factor here has to do with the housemade stracciatella nestled on top, but to be fair to the broccoli, it's roasted until shriveled, sweet, and a deep forest green. The florets form a bed for the soft tangle of stracciatella, which starts as Brucie's fresh mozzarella—you might see someone pulling strands of it during lunch service—and soaks in cream overnight. It wakes up the next day as luscious, delicately stringy stracciatella.

Poke the soft-boiled egg to release all the golden yolk ready to spill out over the plate. Of course the broccoli will have to wipe up these pools of rich yolk, which mingles with the creamy stracciatella milk. The broccoli side is available at dinnertime.

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