Daily Veg: Beet Salad at The Dutch

Editor's note: January is Vegetable Month on Serious Eats: New York! Every day this month we'll introduce you to a different vegetable dish we love. Do you have a veg dish to nominate? Let us know!


[Photo: Alice Gao]

This salad ($14) could really win a Miss Beet Salad pageant. Fork up the watermelon-resembling hunks of candystripe beets and the darker, sweeter red beets. They're sitting on a shallow lake of cool yogurt packed with fresh herbs like dill and chives.

It's all about the little details in this salad, like the soft egg crumbles. At first you assume, oh just some egg crumbles, then realize how ridiculously smoky each speck is. The egg is first boiled until it's just set, then it gets the cold-smoke treatment. Tart apple slices and thin wisps of celery rib add a delicate crunch and the fresh horseradish shavings on top give the salad a little bite. Sunflower seeds are scatted about. It's a very refreshing summer-reminiscent-in-freezing-winter salad.

The Dutch
131 Sullivan Street, New York NY 10012 (map) 212-677-6200

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