[Photograph: Stephanie Klose]

Danny Macaroons has its roots in a Passover years ago, when Danny Cohen asked his mother why they never had macaroons around for the holiday and she suggested that he make them himself. They were a big hit with his friends and family, but he decided not to make them again the next year. "I didn't really want to be the guy who always brought the macaroons," Cohen explains. But everyone had been expecting them and Cohen says he was "yelled at, practically banished."

And now he is, in fact, the guy who always brings the macaroons. But these are a far cry from overly sweet, mass-produced confections whose lack of leavening is the only thing to recommend them. "I work hard to make them good," says Cohen, who spends upwards of 65 hours a week on the business. Flavors like salted caramel, German chocolate, and "Bailey's McRoon" have garnered Danny's Macaroons a small army of loyal, year-round fans. "The response has been amazing," he says.

In addition to producing macaroons for retailers, markets, and the orders that come in through his site, Cohen continues to experiment with new flavors. "Anything nutty or creamy works really well," he says, adding that carrot cake and black sesame are high on his priority list. Check them out for yourself at

About the author: Stephanie Klose has more mustard than you. You can follow her on twitter at @sklose.


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