Le Bernardin gets #2.

Totally preempting everyone else's "Top 10 Best 2011 Openings" articles (yeah yeah, ours too) New York Magazine's Adam Platt has compiled and rank-ordered his favorite 101 restaurants in New York City. (A list like this is pretty much the only thing short of a Momofuku opening that could drag this much chatter out of the food blogosphere on the day after Christmas.) NYMag last attempted this project in 2006, and as Platt notes, the culinary landscape couldn't be more different.

Like every other food-eating person in New York I'll take umbrage with something on this list, but I should say that—as a big-picture, impossible-to-perfect snapshot of NYC restaurant life—it does a far, far better job of communicating what's worth paying attention to than other such efforts, including the Michelin star system (you won't find Gordon Ramsay at the London in Platt's Top 20) or the New York Times star system. I couldn't agree more with Torrisi Italian Specialties landing in the Top 10, or the Top 30 placement of Boulud Sud and Maialino, occasionally less lauded than other members of the Boulud/Meyer families.

But onto the quibbles! I'm surprised that (the generally excellent) Craft nails a #5—that's the fifth best restaurant in all New York—while Colicchio and Sons isn't mentioned (I've had meals at Colicchio easily comparable to those I've had at Craft). Love seeing Kin Shop and Fedora on there, but think both deserve a thirty-point-or-so boost, especially with similarly casual-but-ambitious Tertulia at #28. I love Franny's and as a neighbor of the restaurant I'm there quite a bit, but its ranking here feels like a relic of 2006, a time before Motorino or Paulie Gee's, just to name two. I've had better meals at dressed-up neighborhood restaurants Perilla, Saul, and James than I have at other smaller restaurants on here.

Those are my first thoughts. What do you think about Platt's list? And who else would make your Top 101?

About the author: Carey Jones is the Editor of Serious Eats New York and co-editor of Serious Eats: Sweets. Follow her on Twitter (@careyjones).


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