We're just a couple of days away from Thanksgiving, and tomorrow is quite possibly the biggest day of the year at the Union Square Greenmarket. (Some markets that don't usually do weekdays, like Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza, will be open as well.) Barring a poultry miracle, it's probably too late to get the turkey, but for everything else, Wednesday's markets will be bursting at the seams with meat, produce, bread, and a whole ton of panicky shoppers. Don't worry, though: it's nowhere near as hectic as your local Whole Foods, and in my opinion, the Greenmarket on the day before Thanksgiving is one of New York's great scenes. Below, a few pointers.

Get there early. Sure, there will be more farmers than usual for a Wednesday market, but there will also be way more shoppers.

Pick your farmers carefully. Tomorrow is not the day to make multiple trips around the market. Pick a farmer with a big selection and get as many of the items on your list at one stand. I like Keith's Farm, Paffenroth Gardens, or Norwich Meadows Farm for their large selections of veggies and herbs.

Bring a list. Do I have to explain this one? It applies no matter where you're shopping, but it's doubly important at the market, where you really don't want to backtrack.

Don't forget a gift for the host. Travelling for Thanksgiving? Your host deserves a bag of Keith's Farm's rocambole garlic.


For more tips on doing your last-minute Thanksgiving shopping at the Greenmarket, check out our guide from last year. Happy Thanksgiving, and I'll see you at the market!

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