Slideshow SLIDESHOW: FergusStock 2011: Fergus Henderson at The Spotted Pig, The Breslin, and The John Dory

[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

For the fourth year in a row, Chef Fergus Henderson of London's St. John Restaurant is teaming up with April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman to bring New Yorkers a taste of his wares. Though people around the world have been eating offal since the dawn of meat eaters, Henderson's St. John is arguably the archetype for the current nose-to-tail dining movement and has done a great deal to advance the popularity of British food around the world. There probably wouldn't be a Spotted Pig without a St. John. The two restaurants also happen to be two of my favorite in the world. Get both chefs under one roof, and good things can happen.

Last night's menu at The Spotted Pig featured a number of Ferguson's signature dishes (check out the slideshow above).

Tonight he'll be cooking at The Breslin, while tomorrow night, for the first time ever, he'll be doing fish at next door The John Dory. Here are the menus for both nights. All seats are first come first serve!

FergusStock menu at The Breslin Bar & Dining Room (Thursday, 11/3/2011):

Bone marrow & parsley salad
Lamb's tongue & bread and green sauce
Pressed pig's ears
Deviled kidneys on toast
Pork chop, chard & mustard
Chicken and ox tongue pie for two
Pig's head with beans for two

FergusStock dishes at The John Dory Oyster Bar (Friday, 11/4/2001)

Fresh Maine sea urchin
Anchovy buns
Soft roes on toast
Mussels, cucumber and dill
Anchovy and egg
Brill for two
Pike and leek pie

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