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With the many great pies we can buy in the city, I've never been one to bake them for the holidays. On my to-order list this fall are pies from Pie Corps, a fantastic two-woman operation offering both sweet and savory pies. They're at the New Amsterdam Market on Sundays (but also do deliveries for orders of $75 or more).

The pies come in not just one size, but four. First there's the 5 1/2-inch pies with flavors like Concord Grape (pictured above). Don't miss this one while it's in season. The pie has a buttery crumb crust and flaky cut-out leaves as a top crust. It's a small pie meant for two. Warm it in the oven, cut straight down the middle, and be rewarded with a burst of fresh concord grapes, tart and jammy with the whole grapes cooked down slow. Also season-appropriate is the rosemary-scented Pear and Walnut Pie, and the Salted Honey Lavender Custard Pie—both these come outfitted with the same crumb crust bottom and a top cut-out crust of the flaky traditional sort.


Should a whole pie be just too big, consider Smart Tarts—pies in the shape of a Pop-Tart. With these, I'm torn between the lighter Fig Smart Tart complete with a brush of orange-rosemary glaze and an unexpectedly decadent Chocolate Espresso Smart Tart. (One for breakfast and another for dessert? Sounds good to me!)

One size smaller than these are the Pie Pops, two-bites on a lollipop stick. The best route to take if you want to taste a whole bunch of the flavors. Whatever you do, don't miss the Plum pie paired with lemon glaze.


And for a pie on the run (or an easy one to tuck into your bag), check out these mason jar pies. As tasty as they are cute. Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan is my favorite, a balanced pie, the cozy, rounded sweetness of brown sugar melting into the crunch of toasted pecans, with pockets of chocolate and a fine all-butter crust. Good at room temperature, but amazing warm from the oven.

Pie Corps

Available at the New Amsterdam Market on Sundays (through November) and at various locations. Delivery available for orders $75 and more.

About the author: Originally from Honolulu, Kathy YL Chan writes A Passion For Food, where she chronicles her eats and travels adventures between Hawai'i, New York and beyond. She firmly believes that there is always room for dessert.

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