Goat Specials for 'No Goat Left Behind'


All throughout October, restaurants all over New York City (and across the country; full list here) have been participating in "No Goat Left Behind," a project of Heritage Foods USA. Given the demand in this country for goat milk and cheese—but not goat meat—many male dairy goats are killed at birth or otherwise become a financial burden on farmers. Heritage is aiming to raise appreciation for goat meat (tremendously popular elsewhere in the world) by partnering with dozens of NYC restaurants, as well as some from the Bay Area and beyond.

Specials ranged from a goat banh mi to goat meatballs to barbecued goat (we didn't make it out to Fette Sau to try it, but we're hoping you do). As these are menu specials, if your heart's set on one, call ahead to make sure it's still available. If you're really getting into goat, consider Egg's farm dinner on Wednesday the 26th, all focused around goat--from mocetta (a dry-cured goat ham similar in method to prosciutto) to sausage to tomato-braised goat with a goat chop on top. (Call the restaurant at 718-302-5151 if you're curious to learn more.)

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