Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Dinner at Craft Celebrating American Regional Cuisine

[Photographs: Alice Gao]

Still riding the high of their three stars in a recent New York Times review, Craft decided to close their dining room last night for a special dinner. Chefs from California, Oregon, North Carolina, Missouri, and elsewhere flew in to cook a six-course meal (where each course actually included two dishes, so we're talking more like 12 courses) celebrating America's regional flavors.

All ten chefs are at the helm of restaurants we either love or have been dying to try, so it was a treat to sit at one table and eat scallops from Elements in Princeton, Oregon King Salmon from Le Pigeon in Portland, and desserts from Claudia Fleming at Long Island's North Fork Table, all of which were served family-style. The chefs toted in many of their own local ingredients, from the walleye and smelts (the Great Lakes) to the zucchini (southern California) to the pork belly (Georgia).

The dinner was organized by Steve Plotnicki whose guidebook Opinionated About U.S. Restaurants 2011 just came out.

Long Island Pekin duck

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