Icy Treats in Queens: Dollar Ice Cream in Elmhurst

Editor's note: It's still August, height of the season for frozen treats. We asked our Queens expert Sara Markel-Gonzalez to track down one great frozen sweet for every day this week.


[Photos: Sara Markel-Gonzalez]

Maybe not the best ice cream in all of Queens, but definitely one of the cheapest, and certainly the most amusing, is Randy's Ice Cream, in front of Boon Chu Thai in Elmhurst.

Randy sells a cup of ice cream for $1.00. (The chalkboard in front also advertises mochi for $1.00.) Two smallish scoops of any flavor, which include vanilla, chocolate and the like, as well as red bean and green tea. I can't resist green tea ice cream at any price, but one dollar? That's impressive for any neighborhood.

The green tea has that nice bitter edge to it, and it's creamy and smooth, with that beautiful green color.


The red bean is a pretty pale purple with tiny chunks of frozen red bean here and there.

But the ice cream isn't the main thing I love about the place. This is what I love about the place.


So I did ask the ice cream scooper if he was Randy, he laughed and said no, he was Randy's cousin. Disappointed, I asked if they had dollar mochi, and he said no to that, too. But the ice cream? Yep, just $1.00.

The next time I passed by and got another cup, it was scooped and served to me by Randy himself. He let me take pictures. He was very friendly. He's a total character. But he still didn't have $1.00 mochi.


Mochi situation aside, you should pay Randy a visit before the summer is over. Where else can you get two scoops of ice cream for a dollar?

Randy's Ice Cream

83-18 Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens NY (map)

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