Serious Eats Sandwich Festival Profile: Rick's Picks

20110718classic-sours.jpgEditor's note: The Serious Eats All-Star Sandwich Festival is less than a month away, on July 23 on New York's Governor's Island. Have you bought your tickets yet?

There's no better side for a sandwich than a pickle, which is why we're so excited our favorite pickle-maker—Rick's Picks—will be at the Serious Eats All-Star Sandwich Festival.

We've met Rick before on Serious Eats, and keep some of his wackier creations, like smoked paprika-laced "Smokra," in constant supply. But at the fest, he'll be serving a more conventional picnic choice: his "Classic Sours," which are actually one of his newer offerings. Tart, crunchy, and snappy, they're the perfect sandwich sidekick.

Rick's Picks