Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 12 Tourist Spots in New York That Are Actually Good

Any number of guidebooks, newspaper articles, airline magazine roundups, or TV shows can give first-time New York visitors a lengthy eating itinerary. Unfortunately, their recommendations aren't always the best. When we hear a tourist tell us that they're planning on going to Norma's for breakfast, Magnolia for a late morning snack, Lombardi's for lunch, Carmine's for dinner, and Serendipity 3 for dessert... well, we get a little bit sad inside. NYC is a killer food town; those sorts of places don't show you why.

The good news? Some oft-visited tourist destinations really do have great food. A few may be a little pricey, or a little crowded; some might not be the uncontested best in their field. But they're all widely known places that shouldn't leave a visitor disappointed.

Check out the list—and stay tuned tomorrow for places tourists don't go, but should!

What tourist spots do you approve of?

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