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A meal at Yemeni Restaurant Arth Aljanatain [Photograph: Jason Crowley. Excerpt photograph: Ingrid Richter on Flickr]

When it comes to the Bronx, everyone talks about Arthur Avenue. But few know that there are some tasty options for munching near the Bronx Zoo—aside from the standard, often underwhelming Italian-American sit-downs over in Fordham-Belmont. From roti in Allerton to Albanian burek on Arthur Avenue and Yemeni food in Van Nest, there are plenty of interesting options. So if you're heading up to the Bronx to hang with the gorillas and the giraffes this summer, make sure to check out our guide to what's worth eating close by first. Not all of these digs are within easy walking distance; none, however, are more than a couple subway stops or bus ride away.

  1. Ebe Ye Yie: Ghanaian(Monday-Sunday, 9-12 a.m.)
  2. Arth Aljanatain: Yemini (Monday-Sunday 10-1 a.m.)
  3. Joe's Italian Deli: Italian-American (Monday-Saturday 8-6 p.m., Sunday 8-2 p.m.)
  4. Tony & Tina's and Dukagjini Burektorja: Albanian Burek (Monday-Sunday 11-9 p.m.; Monday-Sunday 8-8:30 p.m.)
  5. Estrellita Poblana III: Mexican (Monday-Friday 10-11 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday 9-11 p.m.)
  6. Feroza's Roti: Trinidadian (Monday-Saturday 11-9:30 p.m.)
  7. Three Boys' From Italy: Pizza (Sunday-Thursday 10-12 a.m. ; Friday-Saturday 10-3 a.m.)
  8. La Parrilla Latina: Puerto Rican/Dominican (Monday-Sunday 9-9 p.m.)
  9. Three Way: Dominican (Monday-Sunday 9-11 p.m.)

La Parilla Latina, Estrellita Poblana III, and Joe's Italian Deli all accept major credit cards; the rest of the locations are cash only.

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