Lunch Today: Malaysia Beef Jerky

Lunch Today

Lunchtime adventures from the Serious Eats editors.

Ed. Note: Our new neighborhood is so riddled with crazy inexpensive eats that we've decided to try out as many as we can. Our lunch today could be your lunch tomorrow.


[Photo: Greg Takayama]

Sometimes it's 2:00pm and you haven't had lunch yet, and given that you've been nibbling on olive oil tortas and chocolate ice cream all day, you don't need a real lunch, just something moderately substantial and snackable to tide you over 'til dinner. (Or am I the only one who finds herself in that situation?) When I need something between a snack and a meal, I've been sneaking over to Malaysia Beef Jerky for a few strips of jerky; sometimes beef, sure, but other times sliced pork or spicy pork. Every flavor I've tried has had a great sweet-savory balance, and has been chewy-tender, not like the American kinds that can tire out your jaw before you've finished a piece. They're a bit greasy, sure, but I find that you don't really need more than a slice or two to satisfy. While I'm still working my way through the flavors at this shop, I may have to check out Chinatown's other jerky shops, too...

Malaysia Beef Jerky

95A Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10013 (b/n Grand and Hester; map)

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