In this great city of ours, one could eat a different sandwich every day of the year—so that's what we'll do. Here's A Sandwich a Day, our daily look at sandwiches around New York. Got a sandwich we should check out? Let us know. —The Mgmt.


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

What sets Ann Clair's Rich Man, Poor Man ($6.75) apart from other, Italian-American heroes is that instead of creamy mozzarella, you've got a pungent crumble of Romano. It's a welcome change of pace. A whole lot of prosciutto is tucked inside there too, tender and flavorful. While the crunchy-diced red onions are too few and far between, the juicy slices of plum tomato are plentiful and sweet. A heavy dressing of tasty olive oil is doused over everything, never missing from a bite.

Ann Clair's Salumeria

1130 Morris Park Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461 (map)


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