[Photographs: Andrew Strenio]

Iris Cafe doesn't have an official brunch menu. The sandwiches and salads are available all day, but it's especially hopping inside the Brooklyn Heights nabe cafe during prime weekend brunching hours. Look on the framed chalkboard for the Smoked Bluefish Salad ($9.50). The glistening little pieces of fish from Acme Smokehouse in Greenpoint (it's their only local fish) are salty, smoky, and buttery atop a bed of lettuce leaves, hard-boiled egg slices, and roasted asparagus.

You'd think the bluefish might dry out a bit after being smoked, but all those fish oils are still there, glistening and melty in the mouth. "We're trying to convert non-bluefish eaters with this salad!" said Graville.

The salad used to come with pickled shallots but right now, they're substituting—yep you guessed it—ramps until the season runs out. Ramp enthusiasts: take note! They add a happy taste of spring, and it all comes together with a light lemon dijon dressing. The salad also includes a long baguette hunk—making salad sandwiches inside of it is encouraged.

Iris Cafe

20 Columbia Place, Brooklyn NY 11201 (map)


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