Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Big Gay Ice Cream Will Open East Village Space Mid-June

20110517-bgict.jpgPretty soon you won't have to follow the Big Gay Ice Cream truck's tweets for their rolling whereabouts (though you should, since their tweets are usually pretty entertaining). In mid-June, Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint plan on opening a brick-and-mortar shop on the East 7th Street block between First Avenue and Avenue A, what's already been nicknamed one of the tastiest blocks in the city.

This isn't goodbye to the truck at all, don't worry. Doug loves working the truck, and plans to be on there as much as possible once the shop is up and running. But with the bigger space (formerly Xoom juice bar), they'll be able to prepare more toppings and sauces from scratch like ginger curry and dulce de leche, as well others they've been testing for the cookbook. As for the soft-serve, they'll start out by sticking to vanilla and chocolate, but plan on expanding to a rotating selection of their own homemade flavors. You'll also see all the other usual suspects from the truck like, the Bea Arthur and the return of the much missed Choinkwich.

They'll also have their own little emporium of products they love: brownies and cookies for sundaes from Kim Ima's Treats Truck, ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery, Danny Macaroons, root beer on tap for floats, and coffee, though they're not revealing the roaster yet (oh, the suspense!). "We're not baristas. We don't want to turn this into a coffee shop," clarified Doug, though he didn't say no to an affogato on the menu.

Since employing people on the truck isn't easy (all those permit shenanigans) they will be able to hire more folks in the space, which means staying open later, especially on weekends. It also means they'll be able to store BGIC t-shirts and other merch without the threat of chocolate or diesel stains.

Bryan and Doug are keeping busy inside, rocking out to their "punk/early new wave" Pandora station while painting the walls bright shades from their swirly rainbow logo. (Did you know Disney has their own line of paints, and the BGIC shop's orange is called Tiggerific?)

"Ultimately our goal is to have our own homemade product line available for sale in the store," says Bryan, "including hard packed ice creams and sundae toppings."

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