Sake-Steamed Chicken: Trade in crispy for this aromatic chicken with a texture soft as custard.

Diet to Live Forever: The billionaire David Murdock avoids dairy, alcohol, sugar, and salt so that he can live to celebrate his 125th birthday.

Puritan Chefs: Some New York restaurants answer customers' special requests with a "no way."

Making Waves in Chinatowns: A California bill moves to ban the possession of shark fins, and thus the popular Chinese shark fin soup.

Farming's Next Generation: Young people, inspired by "punk rock, Karl Marx and the food journalist Michael Pollan" are choosing careers in farming.

Truffle Lawsuits: North Carolina black Perigord truffles have residents excited—and suing each other.

When to Throw Out the String Cheese: "Only in recent decades have we ceded control of our refrigerators and pantries to nameless bureaucrats and faceless corporate automatons."

Love of Soup: Soup recipes with infinite variations.

Healthy Muffins: Muffins made with buckwheat or cornmeal are satisfying and tasty.

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