Coconut Oil: Once feared as a saturated fat bomb, coconut oil becomes the darling of the health food world.

A Chef's Life: "On the page and in the kitchen, [Gabrielle] Hamilton can be charming, tempestuous, persnickety, vulgar, poetic, provocative and mothering," and sometimes all at once.

Napa Cabernets Under $100: A great vintage makes for wines with freshness and spunk.

Greenhouse Projects: Arthur & Friends, a project with national ambitions, trains disabled workers to grow sustainable, beautiful produce for markets and restaurants.

Zero Stars: Sifton calls Fishtag, Michael Psilakis's new restaurant on West 79th "a good restaurant trapped inside a bad one."

Elderly Indulge: Old people continue to savor the joy and tradition of fabulous food, despite doctors' orders.

Galliano's Bar: At the bar where Galliano made the anti-Semitic remarks that cost him his job at Christian Dior, the topic is hush-hush.

Wasan: The small plates, like cold cheese tofu, are remarkable at this East Village spot filled with Japanese ex-pats.

Edi & the Wolf: Where to go for schnitzel and ribs on Avenue C.

Food Stuff: "Italy Dish by Dish" is a gastronomic encyclopedia; Bushwick has a new shop specializing in arancini; hot and cold ginger beer from England.


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