More than Shaken and Stirred: A bartender with the power to evoke memory, cure hangovers, encourage spending money, and "bring about stirrings of a carnal nature."

Veggie Manifesto: A vegetarian's account of why meat is murder, but plucking plants from soil is okay.

Three Stars: Veritas is reborn as a destination for wine geeks and food-lovers alike.

Priorat: Priorats are some of the biggest, boldest, and most expensive wines from Spain.

Modern Purim: If poppy seeds bore, find hamantashen stuffed with pistachio and rosewater, marzipan, and halvah.

SoHo Pop Up: John Fraser's restaurant will change its concept every thirty days, then close in summer.

Compose: "Compose is the kind of quirky, yet glossy place you would expect to find in Amsterdam or Barcelona, with the inventive food to match."

D.I.Y. Cooking: Cooking projects for the burgeoning cook, like fresh cheese and chocolate-hazelnut paste.

Food Stuff: Les Tartes de Fran├žoise, a Belgian wholesale bakery, now sells retail; a chunky nut butter made with Marcona almonds by way of Spain; nesting babushka dolls double as measuring cups.


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