[Photo: Blondie and Brownie]

Don't skim over Farm at Adderly's brunch menu too quickly. Hiding under the "sides" department is the Chocolate Brioche w/Sea Salt & Butter ($3 per slice). Who's not a fan of chocolate, brioche, sea salt, and butter?

The brioche is a butter sponge but toasted all over, with crispy, dark brown edges, and though it's thick as a textbook, it still somehow feels light and airy when you bite into it. Order it as a pre-bunch amuse, even if it does feel too desserty for omelet hours. They don't overdo it on the chocolate chunks, which are all warm and melty between brioche bites. And the coarse sea salt sprinkles give it that sweet-salty glory.

As far as brunch "main courses"? We love just about anything related to eggs, their fluffy and super-seasoned hash browns (more potato, less crisp than the name might have you expect), and both of their breakfast sandwiches—particularly the vegetarian eggplant-egg sandwich. And while the food's remarkable, the experience might be the real reason you go: a spacious, light-filled back room, light streaming in the windows, unlimited coffee refills. It's an extremely pleasant place to while away the better part of a day.

Now, if we could only get them to put their steel-cut oats with butternut squash and bacon on the brunch menu...

The Farm on Adderley

1108 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn NY 11218 (map)


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