[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

Otto recently introduced fresh pastas ($15) to their menu, an exciting change for a restaurant that previously only offered dried pasta dishes ($10). There's a Ravioli di Brasato and the Goat Cheese Agnolotti, pictured above. It's the latter I've found myself craving.

There must be at least fifty pieces of agnolotti to each serving, each bite filled with ample whipped goat cheese. It's the sort of dish that you can't help but think gorgeous! when the waiter sets it down at your bar seat. The agnolotti are paired with a simple and light peppery lemon-butter sauce. There's just enough fennel pollen in the dish to present a faint anise-like flavor. And there's always the bread for making sure none of the remaining butter goes to waste.

As this dish is lighter than most of the tomato- and pork-laden dishes at Otto, I finish an agnolotti lunch with the gelato sandwich on a sweet brioche. Which flavor? Olive oil, of course!


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About the author: Originally from Honolulu, Kathy YL Chan writes A Passion For Food, where she chronicles her eats and travels adventures between Hawai'i, New York and beyond. She firmly believes that there is always room for dessert.


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