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Difficult and sometimes impossible to find in New York City, McDonald's Shamrock Shake inspires a peculiar cult following. These days, when people finally do get their hands on one they often find it to be more of a sham than anything else. In reality, it's just a vanilla milkshake blended (incompletely) with DayGlo-colored mint syrup. Decidedly artificial, the mint flavor has shades of low-quality, grainy mint chocolate chip ice cream. Still, this limited-time offering gets people excited.

Earlier this afternoon, Carey stumbled upon a Shamrock Shake at the McDonald's on 26th and 8th—and brought one back to the office (with a cherry on top!). Inspired, we placed some phone calls to locations throughout the city to find out just who had the long sought after Shake. After much ado (and after the jump), here's a list of some that do and a couple that don't.

Shamrock Sighted:

  • 335 8th Avenue between 26th and 27th
  • 404 East 14th between 1st and A
  • 14 East 47th Street between Madison and 5th
  • 220 West 42nd between 7th and 8th
  • 1286 1st Avenue between 69th and 70th
  • 600 West 125th Street between Broadway and Riverside
  • 4259 Broadway between 180th and 181st
  • As of next week: 2549 Broadway between 95th and 96th

No Shamrock Shakes, Yet:

  • 208 Varick Street between West Houston and Downing
  • 208 Dyckman between Broadway and Sherman

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