According to Anton Nocito, founder of P&H Soda Co., there used to be "hundreds of thousands of soda fountains in the U.S." but that number has dwindled to two- or three-hundred. Nocito hopes to revive the old-timey tradition with the soda syrups he creates at his Brooklyn-based company. "I'm absolutely positive there's going to be a renaissance in soda fountains," he says in this video by Food Curated's Liza de Guia.

His syrups, made from all-natural ingredients, are used in bars and homes. I know a lot of SE'rs have Sodastreams at home — Nocito's product might be something to experiment with. Video, after the jump.

Brooklyn's P&H Soda Co.

Nocito's syrups are available at a number of smaller Brooklyn food purveyors and some in Manhattan; see the P&H website for locations, or order them online there.


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