Doughnut City: Doughnut shops galore are popping up in New York.

Wine Lingo: All the well-chosen words in the world can't do the experience of wine justice.

Cuisine from Around the World in Indianapolis: Immigration is changing the way this very American city eats. Goat in berbere sauce, anyone?

Shaved Steak: When you slice meat paper-thin, the cut of steak becomes indistinguishable.

Three Stars: Air Fiori "turns an Italian lens on haute French cooking to reveal French food as it might be cooked in Como for a table of aristocrats."

Backyard Goats: Goats at home mean fresh milk and cheese, and also a lot of work.

Very Little Italy: Cheese and cannoli are the last remains of a changing neighborhood's Italian heritage.

Food Stuff: The Rangpur lime is a lemon and mandarin cross with a floral aroma; a Lower East Side cafe called Stellina will sell gelato in raspberry-buttermilk cones; Chutney Collective makes musky sweet tomato with black mustard seeds and curried peach chutnies.

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