Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Savoy's Annual Cassoulet Festival: 7 Cheffy Takes on Cassoulet

[Photographs: Andrew Strenio]

Cassoulet, stripped down, is meat and beans. Usually cured meat and white beans, and hopefully it's been bubbling in a ginormous, deep earthenware pot over a steady fire all day. But when you put seven NYC chefs together for Savoy's annual Cassoulet Festival organized by chef-owner Peter Hoffman, let us count the ways you can prepare cassoulet. (And the number of impressively huge pots.)

The chefs recently scooped out their versions of the hearty French stew-casserole hybrid inside the cozy Savoy in Soho. The seven restaurants they represented included: Savoy, Nuela, Vinegar Hill House, Hundred Acres, wd-50, Fatty Johnson's, and Back Forty. (Many of these restaurants still have their cassoulet version on the menu.) Check out how each reinterpreted the concept with crispy partridge terrine, pickled tongue, pine nuts, and more.


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