[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

There is no graceful way to eat pastries from Poseidon Bakery. Honey gets all over one's fingers and flakes of dough fall on the table and the floor. The bakery is known for its spanakopita, but make a trip for its pastries. I was lucky enough to get galaktoboureko ($3.50 a piece), a Greek custard wrapped in phyllo, after the pastry was just out of the oven. Still warm, the dessert was sticky and gooey with a lovely custard inside.

The baklava ($3 a piece) is either rolled or flat; chopped almonds and walnuts were flooded with honey, imparting an incredible sweetness. The kataif ($3 a piece), a cocoon of crushed walnuts and almonds in shredded dough, crumbled when touched with a fork. Some strands of dough were too hard, causing molars to hurt. But another bite into the soft galaktoboureko made the pain forgotten.

Poseidon Bakery

629 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10036 (map)


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