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The Red Hook Lobster Pound started out two years ago, with Susan Povich and her husband trucking up to Maine, stocking up on live, freshly caught lobster, and trucking back to Red Hook, where the couple sold them to lucky folk like you and me. In the intervening years, Red Hook Lobster Pound has, in the words of the guy manning the counter when I ordered my rolls, "kind of exploded."

The Internet houses stories of two hour lines and more, though I didn't experience a wait that dramatic. But the Connecticut style lobster roll ($15) was good enough that I could understand that wait—indecently delicious, in fact.


Photograph courtesy of YummyInTheCity

I'll be the first to admit that fifteen dollars is a lot to spend on a dish served in a paper hotdog container. That said, even the roll itself was sublime--fresh, no-frills white bread buttered and then toasted. It was a nice treat if you ever got it on its own, but melted unnoticed into the background when paired with the buttered lobster. And oh, the lobster. Tender, delicate, and warm, the butter in which it was coated only served to remind my taste buds how buttery good lobster can be. Every other lobster roll I've had has paled in comparison.


After that, the shrimp roll couldn't quite compare. This seems a little unfair to the shrimp roll because, eaten in isolation, this dish would have received a far more positive review. The shrimp itself was fresh, tasty, and ample, and the mayo was delicious but a little too liberally applied. Cabbage at the bottom provided a fun textural surprise. It was worth the eight bucks, to be sure, though I think I'll be splurging for the lobster roll next time I go back. And trust me, I will be going back. This lobster roll would have been worth a two hour wait; it would have been worth a subway ride from anywhere in the city; and it was definitely worth every penny I paid.

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Brooklyn Flea, Brooklyn NY (map).


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