Rosca de Reyes. [Flickr: alihf | Juárez]

Today, Mexican bakeries across Queens are full of boxes, stacked high, of all different sizes, marked with the words rosca de reyes. January 6th is Three Kings Day, and many different cultures celebrate with the traditional kings cake. La Rosca de Reyes is the Mexican version and it is, aside from being traditional, quite delicious.

A ring of porous, yeasty bread, topped with slices of sweet, candied fruit, is perfect for dunking into some spiced hot chocolate or sweet, milky coffee. In my family, if you find the little white doll in your slice of the rosca, then you have to host the meal for the next celebration. Look for people carrying the large red and white boxes out of Tulcingo Bakeries ($25, extra-large $35) in Corona and Elmhurst; or Coatzingo (small $20, medium $30, large $40) in Jackson Heights. They'll be around for the rest of the week, but they go fast!

Tulcingo Bakery

40-11 82nd Street, Queens NY 11373 (map)

4019 National Street, Corona NY 11368 (map)

Coatzingo Bakery

76-11 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens NY 11372 (map)


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