In this great city of ours, one could eat a different sandwich every day of the year—so that's what we'll do. Here's A Sandwich a Day, our daily look at sandwiches around New York. Got a sandwich we should check out? Let us know. —The Mgmt.


[Photo: Carey Jones]

A good biscuit sandwich demands a good biscuit, and luckily, that's what you'll find at Peels. Lofty and light, beautifully layered and buttery in flavor, they're baked off throughout service—even at mid-morning on a Tuesday, it seemed a biscuit was ordered every minute or so.

The biscuits start at $3, going up in price as you add eggs (richly-flavored but light-textured; $3), meat (bacon, country ham, or sausage; $2), or cheese ($1). A biscuit with country ham and cheddar had the cheese scrambled into the eggs, which, well-salted and peppered, were the best part of the sandwich; the salt-bomb ham (which I love, but you'll be guzzling water after) was a bit tough to bite through, but worth the effort. It's a great breakfast, of course, but served throughout lunch hours, too.


325 Bowery, New York NY 10003 (map)

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