Lamb With Pimentón: Olive oil, garlic cloves, pimentón and rye bread make a great topping for roast lamb.

Abstract Cookies: An artist's world of dough for the holidays.

Hard Sauce: Try Pear Brown Bettey with powdered sugar, butter, and booze frosting.

Shrine to Steak: Please don't take your kids to Peter Luger steakhouse in Brooklyn

Fireside Dining: Warm up sipping and nibbling by a romance novel-worthy fireplace.

Koffmann's in London: Find culinary adventure in "veal kidneys, beef cheeks, hare, rabbit, blood pudding, pig's trotters, veal tails and partridge."

Drink! (a Little): Binge drinkers and teetotalers are more likely to suffer heart problems than moderate imbibers.

Soda Buzz: Too much Coke can mean not enough sleep for kids.

Potato and Onion Frittata: The Spanish classic, tortilla española, gets a health upgrade.

Crunchy Burdock: You might dig up this sweet, earthy veggie in Staten Island.

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