[Photo: Nikki Goldstein]

Most egg dishes fall on the savory side of the menu, but Friedman's Lunch in Chelsea Market breaks the rule. It's a completely unusual (if not seasonally appropriate) pairing: baked eggs with pumpkin puree, goat cheese and basil ($11). And my, how it works. Each egg is golden-orange, perfectly cooked to yield a runny, unctuous yolk, nestled among equally-proportioned dollops of sweet pumpkin and tart, creamy cheese. Basil keeps things light and airy, a sort of garden touch. Spread it all on toast or dig in with a fork--and don't ignore the hash browns alongside, whose buttery, soft middle and crisped outsides sing with a fair shake of simple seasoning. An ample portion of double-cut bacon ($3.50) makes a hearty side, enough to take up every last bit of stomach space and stave away temptation elsewhere in the Market. (And all this from a pumpkin hater, no less.)

Friedman's Lunch

75 Ninth Ave, New York NY 10011 (map)


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